Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trouble for Lucia

That's my last Lucia book finished. I can quite see why these are cult books, but I don't know why they are ONLY cult books. Everyone should read them! They are so amusing and E F Benson is so perceptive when it comes to character and motivation. Benson was also a prolific writer of ghost stories so I will have to try those next. I know other authors have written Lucia sequels so I will look for those too.

Cut down to size!

Last night I was discussing with no. 1 son what I did after school, and I told him I spend 4 years studying English.

"Four years?" he gasped, amazed.

"Yes," I said smugly, pleased that he was so impressed. "It was an honours degree."

"That was a waste of time then," he said.

Pride certainly does come before a fall!

Best ever review of James Joyce's Ulysses?

After a never-ending and awful day, Lucia, in Trouble for Lucia, describes it as:

"Quite like that huge horrid book by Mr. James Joyce which all happens in one day."

That's the best description I've seen of Ulysses - a huge horrid book!