Friday, 9 January 2009

In which your intrepid reader basks in reflected glory

If you look at the post below you'll see an image of a new novel, Windows of the Soul, written by my friend Jo Alexander! She's a local author and I'll quote from the back cover of her book to give you a flavour of what it's about:

"Vienna and Jazz - two women who belong to different generations and who have never met - struggle to come to terms with events and tragedies in their lives. Vienna is a fifty-something housewife whose marriage is beginning to show signs of being past its sell-by-date; Jazz is a much younger career-girl who hates the thought of being trapped in a permanent relationship, while her boyfriend longs for a baby. Will Vienna's marriage disintegrate? Will Jazz grow up? Is there a connection between these two women? As events unfold both women have to cope with grief and pain and both have to try to rebuild their lives. Will either find happiness and peace again?"

I can tell you it's an involving story, written in a flowing, easy-to-read style, and I wanted to read on and on to find out what happens. You'll need a hanky for some of the scenes too! The main characters are both very sympathetic in their different ways. All in all a very enjoyable read.

Anyone who knows me is more than welcome to borrow my copy and if you then decide to buy a copy for a friend I will be happy to give you the details. ***STOP PRESS*** Now available on Lulu with the opportunity to preview the text (just click on the preview button at the bottom)

I'm so excited that I know a real live author!

Windows of the Soul by Jo Alexander