Wednesday, 11 February 2009

One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

I finished my Spike Milligan books last night and went on to One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson (lent to me by Caroline). As you know I try to avoid reading the blurbs on books. The good thing about this is that any surprises are never spoiled; the bad thing is that occasionally I get completely the wrong idea about books. I THOUGHT this was going to be a romance. Happily, so far (and I've only read a few chapters) it has turned out to be set during the Edinburgh Festival and involves humour, murder, attempted murder, sexual shenanigans and two larcenous schoolboys from Gillespie's. I can't wait to read on! As usual I have come in to the middle of a series, and now I must find the other books.

Day 126; Book 125