Thursday, 26 February 2009

In Which my Inferior Performance on Ice leads to Book Purchase

We went ice skating last night and while I managed to skate round all right, I was definitely rather wooden *blushes*

So I did what any reader would do - I ordered a new book to address the problem. Here it is: Ice Skating: Steps to Success. I'll let you know if following the instructions leads to any improvement at all.

In the meantime, here is a link to Prancing on Mice. Go Ray!

The Brontes by Flora Masson

This is a biography of the Bronte family. It's only 92 pages long so leaves you wanting to know more about some of the incidents mentioned, but overall it is a very good introduction. The story of the Brontes is so well known of course that you will find yourself recognising each of the scenes as they take place.

The book itself is an old one, published in 1914. It's funny that the author thinks the Brontes will come to be underrated. She writes "Charlotte Bronte and her family have taken their place, once for all, among the literary enthusiasms of a bygone age". Of course she has been proved very wrong!

Day 141; Book 140.