Thursday, 5 March 2009

On the Perils of Buying Second-Hand Books

My book about ice skating has arrived! It looks promising, with section one covering how to keep your balance and also how to fall (presumably if you fail at keeping your balance). However somebody (and I'm guessing somebody male and adolescent) had "improved" the line illustrations with anatomical details! Ooh er! Now where is that eraser?

Language I love

After yesterday's disappointment with The Cave, I consoled myself with a copy of Heat. It doesn't count for my stats but it is so cleverly written. I don't think its writers invented these words but they have certainly popularised moobs, muffin top, weird crush and the dreaded camel toe! Other inferior magazines have tried to copy Heat but they don't realise abuse on its own is just cruel, not amusing. By contrast, here Heat comments on a dress made out of ties (!) : "We’re all for a bit of recycling, but surely rooting through the wardrobes of some newly unemployed bankers and turning the findings into a red carpet frock is a bit much?" Harsh but fair and cleverly incorporating a topical reference!

AND Heat World has footage of THAT Robert Webb Flashdance performance!