Thursday, 5 February 2009

Rocket! The Ubiquitous Leaf!

Have you noticed that rocket is taking over the world? Or at least the ready-made salad world? I have to confess that when I was a girl I had never even heard of rocket. Salad was lettuce (the ordinary kind), tomato and cucumber, served with salad cream. Yum! Nowadays even the rabbits seem to demand fancy salad leaves (iceberg is actually bad for them). Next time you buy a salad, see if it has rocket in it!

Heart of Spain: Robert Capa's Photographs of the Spanish Civil War

I recalled this book last week from the library when I was reading George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. Capa's photographs, taken from the anti-fascist side, cover most of the period of the Spanish Civil War, except for some months after his girlfriend Gerda Taro was accidentally killed. As a result they go right from the euphoria of the early days of the peoples' militias, including photographs of women on the front line, to the very last days of the war when refugees were fleeing Spain to an uncertain welcome in France. Some of the most touching photographs show the disbandment of the International Brigades, and others the former Spanish fighters interned in France. The photographs are accompanied by comprehensive text studies of the war.

Day 120; Book 118