Friday, 13 March 2009

Creating Papercrafts by Labeena Ishaque

I finished Dead Sky by Tami Hoag last night. It was really good with lots of suspense (although I guessed the end). The characters were strong and there were a couple of wise-cracking detectives.

My other book was Creating Papercrafts by Labeena Ishaque. There were some really good ideas in there, including greetings cards with tiny bundles of twigs attached to the front, and a fabulous travel journal with covers made from an old map. I loved the aged effect, and you could put all sorts of pockets inside to hold tickets etc.

I love travel journals! (Even though I never keep one ...). I think it is the promise of them that is so enticing. Here is a webpage devoted to journals including travel journals.

Day 156; Book 155