Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Finished Falco

Now, most of you will assume as I haven't mentioned the latest Falco mystery since last week that I had finished it, but Mr F wants me to tidy up my loose ends. So just to confirm, I really enjoyed it. There was lots more involving Falco's family, some of it very bad though. We learned lots about the Roman cities in North Africa (Falco has to make a trip there) and amusingly lots about the Greeks who seem very exotic to our protagonist.

Four legs good, two legs bad!

Yes, I've been reading Orwell's Animal Farm. Was it only yesterday I was saying I didn't like analogies? A day is a long time in blogging ... perhaps it is only religious analogies I am not fond of, because I loved this political one. I'm ashamed to say I had never read this. It's beautifully written, with clarity and precision, telling the sad tale of a well-intentioned revolution gone wrong after having been hijacked by an ambitious and completely ruthless character. He's the source of the slogan, "All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others". This totalitarian state is quite horrifying, as is the ending where the animals are told that it's now "Four legs good, two legs better". The concluding images are creepy and horrible. This is only 100 pages and well worth reading. I still had time to read Heat and the Sun, so I think I lived up to my eclectic aims!

Day 168; Book 167