Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Couple of Links for You

I still haven't finished yesterday's book so I've nothing to report today.

Here are a couple of interesting links instead. The first is the website of Ben Goldman, the author of Bad Science:

Bad Science

Even if you are not particularly interested in science and statistics (and I'm not, possibly because I find them too difficult ...), if you are at all interested in logical thinking you will find this site fascinating. Or if you've ever been tempted by such things as detox patches, then hop over there straight away!

My other link is to the 365 Project. That seems to be its original name anyway, but I've heard that lots of people are doing this - taking a photo a day. I didn't think that would be very hard, but having experimented with my camera phone last night I realised that the main difficulty for me would be in taking a GOOD photo each day! I think it's a good project though, especially if you used it to document your life for a year (for example! I'm not obsessed with doing things for a year at a time, honest). Here's the link:

365 Project

People are uploading their photos to photo-sharing websites like Flickr, but for me and my fellow scrapbookers it would be harder because we would want to scrap all the photos. Hmmm, could be fun if it didn't become overwhelming!