Friday, 24 October 2008

Finished another author

That's me finished all the Harlan Cobens, unfortunately. My last one was another mystery, No Second Chance. Although Coben's characters are sympathetic, they are flawed too which lends a bittersweet air to the books. I'm looking forward to the next Mryon Bolitar book now, which apparently is coming out next March. I feel rather subdued having finished all these books of one of my favourite authors.

I'm off to fetch some more to see me over the weekend.


  1. hi anne

    have managed to join up to post messages, we think. did no 1 son get punished for his cheek??

    hope the new arrivals settle in.

    don't let them near your books they will devour them faster than you can.

    meanwhile what is the chosen book for saturday?? unless the blog is weekdays only ha ha.


  2. Hello, Mrs. Fifecat. I'm another denizen of alt.books.dean-koontz who found his way over here courtesy of your husband. I have a few reading suggestions for you here, on my blog -- you are now in my blogroll, by the way.

    I also have two other writers to recommend, since you appear to have an affinity for the mystery/thriller genre. Try the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child and the Evan Delaney series by Meg Gardiner. Happy reading!


  3. Hi Jetty, you are right, the gerbils would soon make short work of any novel! Maybe if I get stuck with one I will accidentally leave it within their reach ...

  4. Hi Eddie, nice of you to drop in from Koontz land, and thank you for your suggestions which I will add to my reading list. I'm off now for a look at your blog - thanks for the link.