Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Still up to date

Still up to date, because last night I finished Mapp and Lucia. I'm so glad E F Benson brought these two characters together. Fortunately for us, neither of them would ever say they wouldn't lower themselves to the other's level! Fiendish and hilarious plans and counterplans ensue, with a hugely dramatic ending.

I started on my next book as well. I suppose this isn't so much a book a day as a book per 24 hours. As this is my challenge, I've decided that still counts! My next book was a find in a charity shop by Mr Fifecat. It's The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver which has not long come out in hardback but which he managed to get for 50p. Of course it fell into my hands straight away and I wanted to read it so much I put off the last two of the Lucia books.

The Broken Window is part of the Lincoln Rhyme series so I am looking forward to forensic investigation and devilish twists in the plot. Deaver always manages to catch me out with a twist just when I thought I had the criminal unmasked. He is the master of misdirection. Hopefully I will get it finished tonight.


  1. Hi Anne, sounds like still on target, is Mr. F trying to read one a day also?
    ally xx

  2. He does read every day but he won't be able to keep up with my fiendish plan, ha ha!

  3. I did start off reading Deaver when he first got popular. Liked the character Rhyme but felt the twist at the end was predicatble and similar in a few of his books - though nobdy else seems to agreewith me so...

    Not heard of E F Benson, are they mysteries?

  4. Sorry Clare, just spotted your question just now. E F Benson was a Victorian and Edwardian author who wrote mainly ghost stories, but he is most famous nowadays for the Mapp and Lucia series. These are really comedies of manners or could even be compared in a way to Jane Austen concerned as they are with a very small cast of characters and being very witty. The characters scheme and plot and it is all very amusing.

    Regarding Deaver I'm afraid I am too dim to work out the twist at the end, but I agree that you do always know another twist is coming ... not so much fun after the first few books.