Friday, 21 November 2008

Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell by M C Beaton

It's a great feeling which all readers will recognise when you come across a new author and realise they've written lots of books. Off you go to the charity shops or Abebooks for second-hand or out-of-print works, your friends' bookshelves if you have kind and understanding friends*, or you may even go to a proper bookshop and buy new copies (not in hardback though!)

But then after every high must come the low, and you realise that you have made your way nearly to the end of your new favourite author ... I'm not quite at that stage yet with the Agatha Raisins but the end is in sight. I must ration them out. Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell was an excellent read once again, with some rather surprising happenings (as well as the usual murder of course). Well worth a read.

*butters them up*


  1. I have just discovered Agatha Raisin and I love her! Have been getting them forom ReadIt SwapIt - have read the first four, and six and seven are on their way - 5 I have a bid on ebay!!

    I know I will be devastated when I get to the end!!

  2. They are great, aren't they? I didn't know about ReadIt SwapIt but I like the sound of it - off to check it out now, so thanks for the tip!