Monday, 3 November 2008

Duma Key by Stephen King

Another whopper from Stephen King - 670 odd pages which took me from Friday night to Sunday afternoon so way over my book-a-day rate. Stephen King is an excellent author, although personally I would prefer more psychological stuff and less horror (my favourites of his are Stand by Me and The Shawshank Redemption).. This book grips you right from the start and really keeps you turning those pages as mysteries are set up and then gradually explained ... however as is usual with King I felt the story could have been wrapped up sooner.

Next I turned to non-fiction and my all-time favourite on prose writing, Stunk and White's Elements of Style. This is a little book of under 100 pages which is so well-written that you can read its rules on grammar and punctuation for pleasure! Keep it on your reference shelf and dip into it again and again.

Then I returned to Carsley in the Cotswolds with Agatha Raisin for "Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death". Fortunately for us, Agatha is now back in the Cotswolds with the familiar cast of characters and with another murder to solve. Fortunately for me, I still have lots of this series left to read.


  1. Have to disagree about King. Yes, he does have a tendency to keep writing long after he's finished telling a story - his other recent books "Cell" and Lisey's Story" illustrate this particularly, but I didn't feel this was the case with "Duma Key". Here, he could perhaps have done without the final chapter, but even so, 680 out of 688 pages were pretty much essential. YMMV.

  2. Interesting that you felt so differently Petrovius.

    ps what does YMMV mean?

  3. "Your mileage might vary." Famous get-out clause put into petrol ads in the 60's... Common use on the web now is to mean "Your opinion might differ..."

  4. Ah, I get it now. I have a feeling that OMMVQAL!