Thursday, 27 November 2008

How do you choose a book?

How do you choose a book if you haven't already received a recommendation?

I find I am quite successful just by looking for a title and a cover that appeals to me! Then I just read the first page and if I like that, then I will read the book. I never read the blurb if I can help it because that gives away the start of the story. Similarly with introductions; I always leave those until I have finished the book because I don't want to be given any hint as to how the story progresses.

This would never work with a film of course! That must be why they need trailers ... although I wish they told you rather less of the story in the trailer. You need to attract people in though; it must be a difficult balancing act.

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  1. It's varies for me, depending on the book genre. If it's speculative fiction, I browse for a long time, look at the covers, read the blurbs and intros, and skim a bit of the book. If that captures my interest, then I'll read it. Alternatively, there are some authors that I buy on sight (Jim Butcher, Peter Hamilton).

    In thrillers, the choice often comes down word of mouth, which of course violates your premise ;D

    In nonfiction, subject, title and book summary on the dust jacket.