Thursday, 13 November 2008

Snow falling on Cedars by David Guterson

This came highly recommended and is really involving. It's taken me a while to read, even though it's not particularly long. The descriptions really put you on San Piedro Island and you feel as though you know all the inhabitants ... although obviously I don't, because it's yet to be revealed just what happened when Carl died. I am a fan of the courtroom drama, and this has courtroom scenes, plus flashbacks to the war and to the experience of Japanese Americans in particular. I love the title, reminiscent of haiku writing. I will finish it tonight, and then I'd better read some shorter books to catch up with my book-a-day aim. I'll be pleased if I can get to the end of the year with 365 books read: even if some took a few days, I'll let myself off the hook if on other days I've read 2 shorter books!


  1. You are right Anne, is quite involving. I believe there is actually a film.

    I have just started Witch of Wyckhadden which is the book we got for 50 pence. One or two things have made me smile from the start so I think it should be a good book.

    Ally xx

  2. Looking forward to your report when you've finished it Ally.