Friday, 20 February 2009

A Book a Night, or the Year of Sleeping Dangerously

I couldn't sleep again last night so I made lots of progress with The Poisonwood Bible and should finish it tonight. It's excellent! The language is poetic yet accessible with some unusual and clever use of words, and it has humour, history, politics, relationships, characters who develop and tragedy too. Thank you to Catriona who lent this book to me. Here is a link to the book on the author's website.


  1. Wow what a project! I have trouble with a book a week. Really nice, concise comment on Poisonwood Bible, its one of the books on my TBR list, hopefully I will eventually get to it. This is my year of short reads, mainly because of other demands on time but I really admire your project and will drop in to see how it's going. Some recently recomended short reads; The woman in Black by Susan Hill and The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, Sticklebacks and Snowglobes by B.A. Goodjohn, detailed comments up at Genteel Arsenal. Not that you need short books you are obviously managing to tackle some great books regardless of length. You almost make me wish I was insomniac, happy reading!

  2. Thanks Book pusher! I've read the Susan Hill and Alan Bennett, but hadn't heard of Sticklebacks and Snowglobes at all, so I'll check that out on your blog. Poisonwood Bible is well worth reading but really needs a chunk of time to be set aside so you can really appreciate it ... maybe when you have more time.