Friday, 6 February 2009

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

I'm in the middle of this so can't count it as read yet. It was on my bookshelf but I only remember the start so maybe I hadn't read past that. I didn't like the start, certainly. I've read on now though and I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get back to it. Hemingway is writing about the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, but he has not shrunk from describing the atrocities committed on each side. Having suffered through The Old Man and the Sea, I wasn't particularly keen to read Hemingway again, and I didn't like his macho image. Despite this, his basic humanity comes through in his understanding of the characters. I may read more of this author now (which would increase my reading of American literature).


  1. Just reading through your list Anne and saw you had read Journey's End, this is one play I would like to have seen at the theatre when it was on in London, one of my favourite actors, Malcolm Sinclair, was in it. Might look out for it on my read list.

    Ernest Hemingway, heard differing opinions re: his books but nice to see you are getting into it. There was a film based on his early life, i think in World War I? called In Love and War starring Chris Donnell and Sandra Bullock, we saw it at the pictures a long time ago.

    Ally xxxxx

  2. Hi Ally, I didn't know there had been a recent production of Journey's End. You're right, that would have been worth seeing.

    I hadn't heard of the Hemingway film either, so thanks for the tip in case I find that on DVD.


  3. I love this goal - a book a day! I am very, dangerously even, tempted to try this... Would it be ok if I joined you on this noble endeavour?.. Or will it drive me to insanity... I might have to read a lot of short books, though. Mmmm.


  4. Welcome Lis! I am so excited to hear of someone enthusiastic or mad enough to join me in this nutty plan ... Short books work, but unfortunately you will find that a lot of the books you want to read are LONG! You can catch up on quieter days though, unless you make your rules really strict and you always have to finish a book each day ... Keep us posted with a link here if you start blogging about your book a day! *rubs hands gleefully*

  5. Oh my! The deed is done, Fifecat! It is Valentines day, so I have decided to proclaim my love and devotion (and insanity) to books! I have posted the proclamation on my blog, and we all know once blogged, never recanted (or something). So, eek.

    I am a bit scared. I am going to start with very short books...

    My rules are wobbly - I have decided to include film adaptations of books, for those days and weeks where I have too much coursework or writing or jewellery making or blargy life stuff. Oh cripes, I am starting to think this is a bad idea...

    But I will be strong.

    Please send reading suggestions to my blog, in a red-cross style parcel!

    Thank you for this excellent mad (nay, nutty) plan.