Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Feature!

If you scroll down you will see on the left a nice wooden bookcase! I've been adding the books I've read to it and you can go forward and backward to see them. A neat feature is that you can hover over a book and details of that book will come up (most of them have a synopsis). This is a blog widget from Shelfari. While I was looking on Shelfari for my books, I came across this one which sounds fascinating: Subversive Cross-Stitch!


  1. I love the new Shelfari shelf! I have a LibraryThing widget on my blog(this comment sounds a bit like a foreign language), but I'm liking the literal interpretation of a book shelf on Shelfari.

    I have still not begun my year of reading dangerously.... I have been reading over your list of books so far - wow! Inspiring! I like the eclectic range, too. I must step into the danger zone soon...

  2. I certainly would like to see what your reading list would be like Lis!