Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nostalgia Fest!

Last night's book was a slim volume called Jackie: Growing Up As a Jackie Girl. It had lots of features and extracts from the teenage magazine (or as I should call it , "mag"). They decided to make the focus their most successful decade, the 70s, and so they featured Donny Osmond and David Cassidy as well as all the glam rockers of the time. The adverts were for things like Linco-Beer shampoo and Aero dry shampoo and there were clothes like hot pants and ponchos and smock dresses. Of course nobody had a mobile phone or a computer or even a calculator. Lots of people didn't even have a phone at home. Everybody was obsessed with slimming. It's funny because today we blame skinny models for eating disorders, but everybody was slimming then and the stars like Pan's People were well-covered by today's standards. Oh and nobody was gay.

Day 160; Book 160

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