Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oranges are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

I read this the other night and can highly recommend it. It's funny and touching and really gives the flavour of the heroine's upbringing in a strictly religious and evangelical home. Some people have read it as being about her rebellion against this strict religion, but really it is about her rebellion against one aspect of it, and then her cruel eviction from everything she had held dear. I took against the author herself in her introduction though when she praised her own work so highly...

Day 181; Book 177


  1. Hi Anne,

    Yes, is a good book, I heard it was based on the author herself?

    Ally xxx

  2. Hello Anne
    I think it is close to JW's own upbringing. What I love about it is the voice of the girl - kind of flat and open eyed and full of sharp dark humour. Add the sly take on the vagaries of the adults in her life and you've got a masterpiece.

    I am in awe of you project! And I love the eclectic nature of your choices. It's very tempting to try to emulate you. I read an average of three books a week. However any more and I would stop writing and that would be a bit of a personal and professional tragedy! Balance is all.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's book!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Your comments about JW's book are really astute ... that IS what it is like! Thank you for those and also for your kind comments about my project. You are right, if you can write you must keep on with that! I can't write fiction so I can keep on reading a book a day!