Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Year of Reading Dangerously Passes the 6-month Mark

And I have to admit I am flagging!

I've got a new Marcus Didius Falco on the go though, and I really like this one. Lindsey Davis never seems to run out of ideas for her Roman detective series. Each one has a really different angle. I'll enter the title details of this one when I've finished it.

I may have to resort to shorter books for a while now. I'm at the half-way point on my marathon and I need cheering crowds and virtual drinks of water to be thrust at me. Phew!

Oh, and I ordered a dvd which hopefully will come today. It's the Inbetweeners, a group of foul-mouthed and filthy-minded teenagers which has had me in fits of laughter. Can I finish my book and watch an entire sitcom series? Probably not!


  1. Oh Oh you must keeep going Anne! Make the books as short as you like, but you've come so far and have so much to be proud of....and I've told so-ooo many people about your wonderful challenge, so you just can't guve up. We'll all look out for very short little thin books to keep your tally up. Seriously tho' you ought to feel a huge sense of achievement and having done so well for so long! I'm very proud to know you! Keep it up Jo xx

  2. Aww, thanks Jo for your excellent virtual cheering and drinks of water! Don't worry, I won't give up now, especially now I am going to be featured in the Standard next month. Only 6 months to go!

  3. Hey Anne
    That's great news! But do tell - what is the Standard ?- and how are you featuring in it? - do excuse my ignorance! Always here to give virtual drinks of water. Jo

  4. It's the university staff magazine - I should have spelt it the StAndard (see what they did there?) It's out in May with a photo of moi!