Monday, 18 May 2009

My feet are wet ...

because I thought it was Spring, silly me. Good weather to stay indoors and read, if you can.

I finished JonBenet by Steve Thomas and Donald A. Davis. It was a good clear account of the case, written from the viewpoint of one of the detectives involved. It was no wonder he had to leave the department if this was what he was up against. The murder remains unsolved.

I was at a loss for something to read on Saturday, so I turned to The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency again. Even when you know how the cases turn out, this is still so beautifully written that it doesn't really matter. A book for restoring your faith in human nature.

Then Jo lent me a few more books (thanks pal!) and I read The Savage Garden by Mark Mills. I'm afraid I hadn't heard of this before but what's not to like about a murder mystery set in Tuscany and featuring Renaissance art and architecture. I thought the characterisation could have been done in greater depth but it was a really enjoyable book all the same.

Day 220; Book 216


  1. I like how you said 'thanks pal!' I read it in a Glasgow accent (:

  2. I wrote it in a Glasgow accent!

  3. I'm also re-reading the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.I haven't read the rest in the series yet.

  4. Hi Sharazad, lucky you, you'll enjoy the rest of the series.