Friday, 19 June 2009

A Passionate Man by Joanna Trollope

I hated this!

The writing was good and your view of the characters was cleverly changed - but the protagonist was awful. I hated him. In this Trollope and the last one I read she seems to be saying that so long as something "makes you feel alive" then any behaviour is okay, grr. Repress those feelings I say, and don't hurt other people.

She also featured an old woman whom I think was meant to be feisty and adorable, but she was just really horrible.

I got fed up with all the talk about prep schools as well. To the barricades, comrades!

Day 253; Book 241


  1. Yup I agree Anne. Trollope is well past her sell-by date as far as I'm concerned. She's developed a formula in her writing and some of her characters are unjustifably horrible! Jo

  2. Interesting review- I have an award for you: