Monday, 20 October 2008

Myron mania

This weekend's books were all by Harlan Coben. On Friday I read Back Spin, the fourth Myron Bolitar novel and in this one the sports agent investigates a kidnapping in the world of golf. Amusingly, like the author he is not at all keen on golf, obviously considering it "a good walk spoiled"! Then on Saturday I read Darkest Fear, the seventh in the series and which once again has a basketball background as well as a surprise for Myron.

Don't be like me! Read these books in the proper order! Actually you can read each one independently, as the author provides a catch-up in each novel, but it's so much better to read them in order as there are various developments which take place over a longer time period. Number one in the series is Deal Breaker so start with that!

On Sunday I read yet another Harlan Coben novel, one of his "stand-alones" this time. It was The Innocent which again I can really recommend for fascinating plot twists.

Something which makes Coben's work stand out is his characterisation. Unlike purely action novels you really get to know and sympathise with the characters. Myron with his self-deprecating wit is a particularly sympathetic character, but Coben's characters also develop over time and in reaction to circumstances. There is nothing 2-dimensional about them. What's great also is that even the same, minor characters who crop up in different novels are developed too. You learn more about them and why they think and act they way they do.

Good job I work in a library, because I need to find something new to read for tonight. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey, Pete told us about your challenge on alt.koontz. Sounds a fun idea, I usually read fast but not working in a library (lucky you) I couldn't keep up.

    Been meaning to pick up a Coben, see a lot of his books around. Definitely going to getting a new reading list from you.

    I'll second the Nora Roberts recommendation I love her books and there are lots of them, the lady writes fast. Tend to be more romance than thriller my first and fav. of hers is 'Montana Sky'

    Have you tried Tami Hoag? though standalones some of books are connected and best read in order.

    Tess Gerritsen; for medical thrillers read in order though because characters reappear.

    Suzanne Brockmann; again heavy on the romance angle but most are good readng if you skip the 'issues' and SEAL worship.

    Ok, I've wasted enough of your blog space ;) good luck with your reading.

  2. Thanks Clare!

    I will add your recommendations to my list. I think I will have to try Suzanne Brockmann first just BECAUSE of the seal worship!

    Apart from the library, Pete is my main source of books, mwhahahaha! He is always buying and I am always borrowing ... of course I have the cheek to moan if I don't like his choices.

    Enjoy your own reading!

  3. My hubby sticks with footie and weird music books, I think he does it to spite me!

    The SEALs are nice and all individual rather than fit to the mould ie they make mistakes can be short/balding/shy/geeky....some strong women too.

    I'm inspired; I might just try to review a book a week or something. Got plenty to re-read if nothing else.

  4. Oh I get it Clare, I should have noticed your capital letters! They are SEALS (Navy SEALS?) not seals as the animals! Doh! I did wonder about the worship thing, thought it might be a bit wet!

    Let me have a link if you decide to do some reviews and then I can get even more ideas. It's always good to get the inside scoop on exactly what people thought of books. Even if you've read them before you know which ones are worth rereading and can share it with us!