Friday, 17 October 2008

Up to date again

Finished Lucia's Progress last night and it had a great ending which of course I can't tell you about ... Then thanks to my lovely Slovakian friend I read "How to be an alien" by George Mikes which is only about 100 pages long. It's a classic piece of humour which I am ashamed to say I hadn't come across before. Rather than being about extra terrestrials it is about being a foreigner in Britain. It was written in 1946; the author was a Hungarian who had come to Britain before the war. The funniest bit for me was where the author's English girlfriend maintains foreigners are always foreigners, even in their own country!

Finally got my mitts on the 4th Myron Bolitar novel by Harlan Coben. I thought I'd read all of them but this one and then I spotted another prize from Mr F's charity shop trawl, and it's another Myron Bolitar! Yay! Will read that next and then I really will have finished them all. Myron is such a sympathetic character and is always ready with a quip even in life-threatening situations.

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